She is compassionate, humane, unselfish, altruistic, generous, kind, sympathetic, charitable, philanthropic, public-spirited, socially concerned and our first HUMANITARIAN of the Year- Congratulations Sharne’ Labotski on winning the title! We can’t wait to follow your journey this year and watch you placing new steps of change wherever you go.


Get to know Sharnè Labotski:

Age: 21

Area of residence: Randburg.

Occupation: I am a final year student at the University of the Witwatersrand, studying towards my degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Friends and family would describe me as … hardworking, friendly, kind and passionate.

What makes me unique: I always look at the glass half full rather than half empty. I would say that I have a positive outlook and always prefer to look at the brighter side of life.

Quote I live by: “Vlieg hoog maar moet nooit vergeet waar jou vlerke vandaan kom nie” – to me this means that no matter where you are in life always remain humble and grateful.

The best advice I’ve ever received: To always focus on your own strengths and never change who you are for anyone.

What do people not know about me: That I have very curly hair!

Charity involvement means … To start at the very basic level which is simply being kind and generous towards other people. It is giving without expecting anything in return. Charity to me is an everyday lifestyle. I have so much passion to inspire and motivate the youth to one day become exactly what they dream to become and to realise that there is beauty in pain and that you never have to be the product of your past.

What it means to be the first SA Humanitarian winner: It is truly such an honor and privilege to be announced as the very first Humanitarian of the year, yet at the same time a big responsibility as I am the one setting the tone and forming the foundations of this platform for future contestants. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I believe that this will be an incredible year. I cannot wait to build this platform and bring about honest and sincere change.

My highlights of the past year: This has been one exciting and life changing year for me. The biggest highlight for me this year, has to be the Hope Shoot. The Hope Shoot was a weekend away with 4 cancer survivor ladies. They shared their stories with us, and we got to know them throughout the weekend. This weekend just brought everything into perspective and made me realize that no matter where you are in life, you should always be grateful for what you have and no matter what challenges you might face you should remain positive and never stop believing. Other highlights throughout the year definitely includes the Literacy drive on Mandela day, our CHOC visits dressed as superheroes and the Little Bullies Become Big Bullies Campaign which strives to promote Tolerance, Appreciation, Literacy and Kindness.

My plans for my reigning year: Throughout my reigning year I hope to bring about positive and meaningful change. I will continue with our Talk Initiative Campaign: Little Bullies Become Big Bullies by creating awareness and speaking to the youth about the consequences thereof. I will continue to raise funds for various charity organizations and use this platform to bring about change. I would like to be mentor for next years contestants and truly lead by example.

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Social media links:

Facebook: SharneBach2017

Instagram: sharne_labotski

Twitter: sharne_labotski

YouTube: Sharnè Labotski