Lesley Fin

Lesley Rochat is an award-winning marine and shark conservationist, and founder of AfriOceans, a non profit organisation, and Shark Warrior Adventures, a self-funding initiative.

“I’m the project director of numerous environmental education programmes for underprivileged children, as well as public awareness campaigns. I am also the producer of environmental documentaries, a motivational speaker, an activist, environmental photojournalist, and a mentor for the youth. I believe in giving back to both people and the Earth, you can’t save the one without saving the other”.



Zuenè Taljaard is a 33 year old lecturer  with a great love for her family and friends and a passion for people, to uplift and encourage them, through the grace of God.

“My heart is for the broken. I have helped at various rural children’s homes, assisted by giving children a Christmas party and presents. Each year I choose one charity that I focus on helping. As a lecturer, I can easily and confidently speak to people, I listen to their hurts and cries and then try to uplift them and their circumstances”.



Adele Wotherspoon is a wife, mother, business owner, entrepreneur and humanitarian. She is also Mrs Africa Globe Classic.

“I support several charities, my Mrs Africa charities are Dignity Dreams and Deskbags, my community projects include: Tower of Life; Cradle of Hope and Mugg & Tree, and my own NGO is: assoSHEation, a Womens’ Networking Breakfast to empower women. I am the current Mrs Africa Globe Classic, but the title is only a title if it is used to make a difference. I am making a difference daily”.



Erica Pienaar considers herself to be passionate & considerate. She is committed to helping grade 12 learners, showing them that with hard work, comes success.

“I was one of the founding members of Princess Project, 12 years ago. We assist young girls and boys to attend their matric farewell. Through this work I believe that I make a difference in their lives”.



Charnay Sargent is a fun loving, happy, dedicated and motivated woman. She is passionate about helping others and have dedicated most of her 26 years in doing so.

“I have had the privilege of working with among others Stepping stone, House Otto, Cotlands baby home, Lighthouse child care, members of the South Rand Hospital, SPCA, and less fortunate people around Johannesburg. I am a well-spoken ambitious and hard-working woman who is looking for another platform to share my love for helping others less fortunate than I am”



Lerato Maukangwe is a single mom, freelance dancer and instructor. She is always looking for the silver lining in any situation and always ready to lend an ear, hand or shoulder.

“I unfortunately don’t have “famous” charities under my belt, I just try to give back to my community by offering my dance/fitness services for free. I also counsel people who may need it. I love people! I have a positive, charming, empathetic, outgoing personality. I have a desire to share/show God’s love wherever I go”.