From hundreds of entries, 25 candidates were chosen this year for judging in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town. A carefully selected judging panel of individuals who are specialists in different fields selected the cream of the crop to battle it out for the title. The finalists need to source their own sponsors, compete based on several challenges throughout the year, do their own fundraisers and media drives and be ambassadors for both the competition, its partners and the charities we support.

The Top 12 Semi-finalists were announced, followed by several eliminations until the final Top 4 were announced on Friday 1 September at COPPERSTONE’s 2nd annual Gentleman Club Event. For the first year, a decision was made for the Top 4 to compete against each other- regardless of gender, to announce one ultimate winner, the HUMANITARIAN of the Year, who will be announced on Saturday 4 November at Indaba Hotel in Fourways,

The Top 4 are all strong individuals who are passionate, driven, altruistic, leaders, and take pride in how they present themselves. Follow their journey on the Official Facebook page.



Age: 21

Area of residence: Randburg.

Occupation: I am a final year student at the University of the Witwatersrand, studying towards my degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Friends and family would describe me as … hardworking, friendly, kind and passionate.

What makes me unique: I always look at the glass half full rather than half empty. I would say that I have a positive outlook and always prefer to look at the brighter side of life.

Quote I live by: “Vlieg hoog maar moet nooit vergeet waar jou vlerke vandaan kom nie” – to me this means that no matter where you are in life always remain humble and grateful.

The best advice I’ve ever received: To always focus on your own strengths and never change who you are for anyone.

What do people not know about me: That I have very curly hair!

Charity involvement means … To start at the very basic level which is simply being kind and generous towards other people. It is giving without expecting anything in return. Charity to me is an everyday lifestyle. I have so much passion to inspire and motivate the youth to one day become exactly what they dream to become and to realise that there is beauty in pain and that you never have to be the product of your past.

The biggest accomplishment in my life to date: When I got accepted into one of the best University (Witwatersrand) in South Africa.

Social media links:

Facebook: SharneBach2017

Instagram: sharne_labotski

Twitter: sharne_labotski

YouTube: Sharnè Labotski



Age: 25

Area of residence: Montana, Pretoria.

Occupation: Self-employed and a brand ambassador for Bio-Kinetic and SIX Sensational Skincare and Graftobian Makeup.

Friends and family would describe me as … a free spirit, outgoing, someone with a great sense of humour, has a strong personality and never says no to any challenge!

What makes me unique: I am a carefree, vivacious woman that don’t mind getting my hands dirty to help others.

Quote I live by: “We should all be feminists”.

The best advice I’ve ever received: Kill them with kindness.

What do people not know about me: I’m terrified of the dark and have to sleep with a light on.

Charity involvement means … Reaching out to people, showing a genuine interested in them and/or want to help them, creating awareness and being a 100% involved.

The biggest accomplishment in my life to date: Being a thriving business owner of eight different businesses and still being sane at the age of 25 I would say is successful enough!

Social media links:

Facebook: SA Bachelorette Finalist Wimari Du Plessis

Instagram: wimari_profilebeauty

Twitter: @Wimaridp



Age: 38

Area of residence: Loumarina, Randfontein.

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Business-owner, Reverend, Personal Trainer and Life Coach.

Friends and family would describe me as … Loyal, caring, steadfast, passionate, firm believer in what is right, intelligent, knowledgeable, not-a-tree-hugger, animal lover, humanitarian, will empty his food-cupboards for friends, enemies or strangers in need and will stand by what is true no matter the cost.

What makes me unique: I have suffered great losses in life and therefore see life the value of life in a whole new perspective, being a synthesist makes me experience life in a multi-dimensional sphere which sometimes leads to a sensory overload. I am a philocalist and actively search for beauty in people and things and circumstances. The combination of these traits makes me an intense and vivid personality.

Quotes I live by: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future!” and “It’s never too late to begin again.”

The best advice I’ve ever received: “Leave when the party is at its best, from there it’s not going to get any better.”

What do people not know about me: I have 18 godchildren, the youngest being 18 months and the oldest finishing final year at university.

Charity involvement means … To engage in a charitable cause in such a way that the integrity and self-worth of all parties involved are respected and upheld at all times, based on commitment and trust of a long-term relationship of mutual understanding and care.

The biggest accomplishment in my life to date: Understanding that all of my accomplishments in my life, is by grace alone and all that I am and have is only temporary, everything can be lost or taken away in an instance and therefore life should be lived to the fullest while we have the opportunity to do so.

Social media links:

Facebook: Johan van der Merwe – Top 5 SA Bachelor

Twitter: johanSAbach2017

Instagram: johanvander.merwe

Youtube: SA Bachelor Finalist Johan van der Merwe



Age: 20

Area of residence: Pretoria.

Occupation: I am an Advertising and Radio student at Boston Media House, a commercial model and singer.

Friends and family would describe me as … stubborn, hardworking, opinionated, talented, ambitious, fun and very talkative.

What makes me unique: My style, drive and hunger for success and the ability to capture an audience’s attention when I speak.

Quote I live by: “Your mind is your limit” – so I make it a hobby to enrich my mind.

The best advice I’ve ever received: That I could be whatever I want to be and accomplish whatever I want if I put my mind and heart to it.

What do people not know about me: My real age, most people mistake me for being much older than I really am.

Charity involvement means … To put a smile on people’s face in every way you can. By doing this you will help create a world where people care about each other.

The biggest accomplishment in my life to date: Completing my matric at the age of 16 regardless the bullying I went through at that stage.

Social media links:

Facebook: Kgadi Dee Mokoni

Instagram: kgadi_dee



GALA 2017

The HUMANITARIAN of the Year will be announced at a red-carpet Gala Event on Saturday 4 November at Indaba Hotel in Fourways.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday 15 September.